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Thread: HELP! Im losing my milk!

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    I became very till about 5 days ago. For three days I was unable to breast feed my 4 month old Ellie, but I continued to pump and give her stored frozen breast milk. Due to my illness, I lost about 10 lbs and didnt eat for those terrible three days. Now my milk is almost completely gone. Since I have been feeling better I have been eating like a horse, drinking tons of water, offering the breast often, pumping every 2-3 hours, and it seems like everytime I pump, I get less and less. Also, because my breasts arent full, my baby wont suck long enough for the milk to let down and she gets very frustrated and gives up. Im afraid the end of breast feeding is near and it breaks my heart. I am extremely passionate about breastfeeding and planned on continuing until she is AT LEAST 1 year. What can I do to get my milk back, if anything?
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    The best thing you can do to restore supply is to nurse, nurse, nurse, and then nurse some more. Do your best to avoid giving your baby a bottle- that's just reinforcing her pattern of giving up, because she's learning that giving up means getting a nice, easy bottle. In addition, pump as much as possible- every 2 hours or more often- and use a good pump. A high-end double electric or hospital-grade rental is what you want.

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