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Thread: Introducing Cow's Milk

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    Question Introducing Cow's Milk

    I have been working full time and sending BM bottles for my little one at daycare since he was 11 weeks old. He is not 11 months 1 week old. For the last few weeks I have been pumping an ounce or two less than I am sending to daycare (13 ounces for a 10 hr day). I started with a small freezer stash (about 50 oz) and just used the last bag.

    I am thinking of sending him an ounce or two of cows milk in a sippy cup . With him being so close to one, I am hoping the formula is not necessary. I did supplement him with formula initially because he lost a little over a pound in the hospital (his birth weight was probably inflated from IV fluids)and the nurses there scared me into doing so , but stopped when breastfeeding was going well (hasn't had any formula since he was 8 weeks old).

    He is a little guy (about 20 lbs now) and on the short side (5-percentile for length at his 9 month appt). I definitely don't want to do anything to jepradize his growth.

    I am planning to pump wean at one year anyway, so he will definitely be getting some cow's milk then.

    Does my plan seem OK?

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    How is he doing with solids?

    I think if it were me I would probably try to see if he could just get through the day with what you can pump and maybe up the solids a bit and offer some water. I mean, you could give cow's milk and it would probably be ok, but it's not necessary. If he is nursing 3-4 times a day when he is with you he doesn't really need any other milk substitute, even after you pump wean.

    I guess what I'm saying is that if you want to intro cow's milk it would probably be fine. But don't feel like you HAVE to just because you are pumping less breastmilk. I offered my DD cow's milk after I pump weaned (or I had the DC offer it) and she never would drink it. I wasn't concerned because she ate lots of solids and still nursed quite a bit when we were together.

    ETA: I totally agree that formula is unnecessary at this point.
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    Default Re: Introducing Cow's Milk

    Thanks. I assumed that he needed as much milk as always. He does best with solids in the evenings. But he eats some at daycare. I suspect he would eat more if he had less milk.

    I am going so send some whole milk in a sippy anyway to get him used to drinking milk from a cup.

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