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Thread: Trying not to panic about LO's weight loss

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    Exclamation Trying not to panic about LO's weight loss

    At yesterday's weekly weight check, my 3 month old LO had lost 5 ounces in 6 days. During that time I had stopped supplementing him because prior to that, he'd been gaining about a half an ounce a day with only 4 - 5 ounces of supplement per day, sometimes less or even none. So I thought I could get away with EBFing as long as a I watched his weight carefully. But since he lost weight, I guess I need to give in and permanently supplement...or do I?

    I have been struggling with my supply since the beginning. I've written a lot about it on here...so I am not going to relay the whole story, but to review:
    1. Breasts didn't grow during pregnancy. Never felt let-down. (Still not sure what LD feels like.) Milk was slow to come in. Baby was at risk for jaundice, lost nearly a pound in 1st three days of life, so I was told to supplement, which I did for nearly 3 months.
    2. I've done everything to increase my supply. To name a few: met with 2 LCs on 3 separate occasions, renting hosp. grade pump (pumping after feedings, middle of the night, etc.). I've taken Reglan (with no results), fenugreek, blessed thistle, more milk plus, goat's rue, shatavari, red clover leaf, and am on my third week of Domperidone @ 40 mg. 4X per day. I think I've noticed a slight increase, but it's hard to tell. (I feed with an SNS, though I'm giving that up now.) I'm on my 4th container of old fashioned oats.

    My LO's weight gain was fine when I supplemented more. It slowed down in relation to decreasing his supplement, but he still gained. This is the first time since those first three days that he's lost weight.

    I had been watching his diaper output. Most days during that 6 week period he had 6 wets. But he only had 1 dirty diaper. He is precocious and alert and looks perfectly fine on the outside.

    I just need to know...is it time to just give in? I don't mean "give up" because I'll keep up on the herbs and pumping occasionally, but is it just time for me to accept my supply for what it is?

    Have I damaged my sweet baby by letting him lose weight??
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    i too have ben struggling with low supply and weight loss so i know how you feel I dont have much advice but just wanted to let you know your not alone. One thing that was brought to my attention was that maybe your LO has grown in lenghth?? We to are doing supps & though wer using less every day i still worry i do think that the wets/dirties sound about right though. And just keep in mind that SOME BM is better than none. It sounds like your doing everything you can so dont be too hard on yourself.
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