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Thread: What are your breasts "called"?

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    I just say "lechita" when its time to nurse and do the milk sign. she understands both, but isn't able to say anything about it yet
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    I call them boobs, but my 14mo son doesn't have a huge vocabularly. He will just say "up", and "dis" or "that" and point. He's big on the 2 last words more all of a sudden and I love it. I'm curious to find out what he calls them when he talks more
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    Mama milk or just milk. She calls all boobs milks and will ask to have pretend milk with DH and my mom .

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    My newest addition dosn't talk yet but my two others that BF till 3.5yrs called them bubbas and bowbies. I saw this and it brought back such great memories I just had to post I do wonder what my new LO will call them...
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    DD2 just says, "mow" (more)

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    My little guy calls them "num-nums"

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    Our twins aren't vocalizing much intentionally yet, but my husband and I call them "dunas". Weird choice, I know...... It stems from a game my husband has played with my son since he was tiny: he'll carry my son around at feeding time following me and singing the "duh nuh... duh nuh... duh nuh, duh nuh, duh nuh..." part of the Jaws theme song while "Mommy hunting."
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*momma2angels View Post
    Libs calls them ni-nis(ni-knees)
    Allie called them yah yah's at first till about almost yr and a half 2 ish..lol I think id ask if she wanted to nurse and she'd say YAH YAH lmao not really sure though. Then I started calling them no-nees (no- knees) so from thus on its stuck, even know shes 3 she still calls my breasts that.. and so new baby will do the same im sure. oh and we always used the sigh lang. for milk as well. =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*rcsmom View Post
    My little guy calls them "num-nums"

    Will calls them that too!
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    My DS calls them "babas". What drives me nuts is my 5 year old DD always just screams out "He wants your boobie milk".
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