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Thread: Galactagogues

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    Default Galactagogues

    What herbal/otc galactagogues have you taken? What did you find to be most effective-what were the results?

    Thus far, I have taken:
    Fenugreek (took this to the point of REEKING of maple syrup...it was useless for me)
    Blessed Thistle
    Anise Seed
    Carum Carvi

    The last 2, Aniseed & Carum Carvi were the most effective for me personally. With their help (and DILLIGENT pumping) I got from about 5 oz a day to where I am now, which is nearly a qt. a day

    Just wondering what everyone elses experiences were...what did you find most effective for you, what DIDN'T work, any side effects, ect...?
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    Default Re: Galactagogues

    Yhe only things that worked for me were drinking enough (ie HUGE amounts of) water and oatmeal (porridge)
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    Default Re: Galactagogues

    I have taken fenugreek capsules, Mother's Milk Tea and right now I'm taking Moringa (Malunggay) leaf powder. Fenugreek doesn't seem to work for me - why do I NEVER smell anything maple syrup, even with the maximum dosage? Mother's Milk Tea I really don't know coz sometimes I'm really only drinking it as a placebo. Moringa powder tastes YUCK , but it does seem to work a bit .

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