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Thread: question regarding some common galactagogues

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    Question question regarding some common galactagogues

    I wanted to but couldn't find a better title

    So while leafing through Thomas W. Hale's Medication and Mothers' Milk (12th edition), I found that fenugreek is an L3, fennel is an L4, and blessed thistle is an L3. I found this puzzling. Is it because they're herbs and not so many studies have been done on their use and effects, etc.? (domperidone, the reason why I opened this book, is a bright shiny L1)

    Also Dr. Hale wrote that fennel "may potentially suppress milk production" because "it is primarily believed to be estrogenic" (page 339). Then WHY is it one ingredient in Mother's Milk Tea (and IIRC some other lactation-support products)??

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    Default Re: question regarding some common galactagogues

    Fennel, I believe, in small doses helps milk ejection reflex, not milk supply which is good for pumping mamas.

    Fenugreek can cause tummy upset. It gave my DD frequent, green frothy poops. Not a good thing for her.

    It is surprising about the FDA and its stance on domperidone given it's relative safeness as a medicine.

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