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Thread: How much water should a bf bb drink?

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    Default Re: How much water should a bf bb drink?

    I have to say, that LLL Jolie is absolutely right...(of course, she is LLL, so she would have the most current info for us).

    All the info I've read regarding breastfeeding says that water is not necessary before 6 months of age if baby is not eating solids, but depending on how many solids baby is taking in, baby could need extra water to aid in digestion and prevent constipation. LLL Jolie said it best when she said :

    As long as your baby's stools are not hard and difficult to pass, you can assure that your baby is getting enough fluids.
    Some babies don't require extra fluids, some require a little more with the start of solids (to prevent constipation). Follow your baby's cues. You'll know what is best. The key is to not offer so much water that baby fills up on it and takes in less of the "good stuff".
    I think it wouldn't be very prudent to make the statement that babies never need water at all during the 1st year when that may not be the case with a particular child. Especially considering that that statement could actually end up hurting a child who is actually almost a year old anyway. There are alot of questions that should be asked to determine if a child is getting enough fluids, and those questions weren't discussed, just blind statements that bf children don't need water in the 1st year. That could end up being a very harmful statement when we don't know the whole story from the original poster.

    I'm not trying to start a debate, just trying to point out how sometimes we hold so fast to an idea, that we can't see that there are times when what we believe may not be true in absolutely all situations and for all children. When we give advice, we need to remember that and think about what the consequences might be if we were wrong in that situation.

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    Default Re: How much water should a bf bb drink?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mummy View Post
    Ok, can anyone tell me how some apple slices are OK but a bit of pure apple juice added to water isnt? I have heard that juice with meals helps in the absoption of Vit C and other minreals..... if there is a reason why not to give it I'd love to know
    Giving children fresh fruit is different than giving fruit juice. Fruit juice is FAR more concentrated and you don't get all the nutrients & fiber you do from fresh fruit. Of course if you are going to feed juice it's best to dilute it. You were suggesting in you original post that she use it to sweeten water to get her child more interested in it. There's a difference. Most young children prefer the taste of juice to water. I think those of us who don't give our kids juice want them to drink water on it's own, like it and want it. As an adult, I have a hard time drinking enough water or JUST water even though I know it's best and it makes a huge difference in my health & weight. Even knowing all that the only way I can do it is to make sure there is no juice or soda in the house.
    When my child is older, I want him to crave water NOT juice when he's thirsty.
    The way to achieve that IMO is to give him only water most of the time.

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    Default Re: How much water should a bf bb drink?

    thanks to all you ladies who responded... didn't realise it sparked a debate on juice too!

    LLLJolie, thanks for the advice. My instincts told me it should be ok becos he doesn't look dehydrated... you know, chapped lips or hard stools. But just wanted to be sure since he really doesn't seem to want to drink much.
    And that includes any drinks, incl diluted apple juice. Once a week i offer barley water (unsweetened).

    Re the debate on apple juice vs apple slices. IMHO, apple slices are not sickeningly sweet unlike juice. HOWEVER, if anyone has ever boiled some apple slices in a little water and pureed it, she would have found that pureed apple to be very sweet too! Interestingly enough, my boy liked the pureed apple but didn't like the apple juice, perhaps too sweet for him, even diluted.

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