Thanks for the support. I've been posting more about this in "Nursing Your Infant," but the update is that we have a plan, and I am "mostly" at peace with it. DH is giving DS a bottle in the evenings now as part of his bedtime routine, since that's when my supply is lowest. And we're hoping that DH gives the bottle, DS won't learn to expect a bottle from me. We're on night 5 of this approach, and it doesn't seem like our BFing relationship has been affected so far... wish me luck!

Planning on taking DS in for another weight check this week. Hopefully one bottle in the evening is all he needs to get him back on track. It's depressing when I think too much about it...but then when I think about how he's getting mostly BM, and that I've done everything I possibly can, I feel a little better.

Like I said in the other thread... I swear if it weren't for this forum, I am not sure I'd still be going. It's meant so much to me.