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Thread: Contrast MRI and cannot breastfeed for 48 hours

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    Default Contrast MRI and cannot breastfeed for 48 hours

    Unfortunately, I have to get a MRI with contrast and the doctor states that I cannot breastfeed for 48 hours. My six month old daughter is exclusively breastfed and refuses bottles. To make matters worse she starts daycare the same day. I am scared that she is going to be traumatized and hungry. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Contrast MRI and cannot breastfeed for 48 hours

    do you have a pumed supply for the next 2 days? you can try using an SNS but instead of on the nipple put it on your finger?

    and dont forget to pump'n'dump those 48 hours so you r supply doesnt tank
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    thanks for your reply....yes, thank goodness I have a two day supply handy.

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    Default Re: Contrast MRI and cannot breastfeed for 48 hours

    Your doctor's recommendation may be overly-conservative. This website seems to suggest that the amount of the contrast material that is excreted in breastmilk is very low, and that even if the mother is still concerned, the amount of time to abstain is only 24 hours.


    Dr. Hale, who is an expert on medications for breastfed mothers, also thinks the risk is negligible, and states 10 hours.


    I highly, highly recommend you call his center, InfantRisk, this is their area of expertise!!

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