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Thread: Constipation!

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    My 8 month old has been constipated ever since we started solids. She is constipated because she will not poop for a week, then she strains and cries. The stools are too hard. We have tried everything, backing off solids and starting over, lots of water, prunes/pears with every meal, yogurt every day. We can't seem to get the magic formula. We tried to figure out what makes her constipated by going to one food item only for several days, but it doesn't matter what it is---any solid is making her constipated. She is still nursing at least 5 times a day, often more, and taking a lot of breastmilk, so getting what she needs, but she really wants/loves solids, so we want to keep offering to her. Anyone with this issue and can give me some advice on what you have done and what works?

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    Fruit juice is all that worked for my son. I didn't have to use it long, maybe only for 1-2 weeks. I would give him 2oz of watered down pear or grape juice twice a day. After a while, his body got used to the solids and I was able to wean off the juice.

    I've heard prune juice also works, I just don't like the smell of it and wanted to see if something else worked
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    I am in the same boat as you! I talk to the pedi and she said 1tsp karo syrup with 1oz of water once a day until he is normal. I haven't tried it yet....bc when I was at the store there was light and dark karo and I didn't know which to choose and I hadn't yet tried prune and pear juice. So I just bought pear & prune juices instead. But now I have another problem bc he won't drink either juices. He won't take a bottle of any brand and he doesn't drink from the sippys I have either.
    I backed off cereal, banana and only give P foods 1x a day and he has begun to go but it's only 1 small ball every few hrs. It isn't as hard as it was at 1st but now thick like play dough or a lil thicker now. I still offer the juices threw out the day in a sippy and he bites the spout and kind of laps up what comes out but isn't getting much that way.

    The Pedi also told me to lay off white floury foods like rice and potato and I have been drinking apple juice too. I normally ONLY drink water.
    I am dairy free bc he is allergic to dairy so we don't do yogurt.

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    With an 8 month-old, I'd start by offering exclusively the "P" fruits- prunes, plums, peaches, pears, aPricots, and cherries (like the other "P" fruits, cherries belong to the genus Prunus, and in my experience they are effective at getting things moving!).

    I'd also see your pediatrician. Depending on the severity of your LO's situation, you might want to discuss medications. Until you can see the ped., I suggest keeping a "poop journal." It can be hard to accurately recall how long it's been since your LO last went. 3 days or 5? 5 or 7? 7 or 9? And a journal can help you see patterns you might not have noticed, otherwise.

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