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Thread: Pumping at Sea World

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*kaitlyns.mom View Post
    They do have lockers. My diaper bag is so big though and the manual pump is small... and I was already planning on bringing a cooler for snacks. I never had a plugged duct with Kaitlyn and I haven't had one yet with Jackson but knock on wood.

    OK so now I am second-guessing my decision to go without him but I really think it would be special for Kaitlyn.
    I think it would be better if you with your daughter alone.Can you call them and check if they have feeding room where you can pump. I think taking 2 kids will be difficult.Atleast for me I get stressed not able to provide enough attention to both of them. If you pump while driving to sea world and then while coming back maybe you will need only one pumping session in-between.


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    There is a nursing room kind of by the giant rope climbing thing. You could pump there. IIRC they have a rocking chair and a changing station for babies. Not a bad set up at all.

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