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Thread: 2week old, painful after everyfeeding

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    My son is 2 weeks old. Everytime I feed him I tear up because of the pain it causes. I use the maderma oitment on my nipples but that doesnt appear to help. Help!!

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    Default Re: 2week old, painful after everyfeeding

    Hi Mama! I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. Can you tell us a bit more? For example:
    - When do you have the most pain- when the baby first latches on, during the feeding, at the end of the feeding, or after the feeding is over?
    - What shape are your nipples when the baby is done? Are they symmetrical, like pencil erasers, or asymmetrical, like new lipsticks?
    - How would you describe the pain- is it a stabbing or biting pain, or a burning pain?
    - Do your nipples turn white or blue after nursing?
    - Are you cracked or blistered at all?
    - Do you notice any of the following in the skin in your breast/nipple/areola: redness/pinkness/shininess/flaking skin/white patches?

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