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Thread: mentally dragging my feet

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    Default mentally dragging my feet

    I'll start by saying that I'm really excited to start my daughter on solids - it'll be a fun new adventure, and I'm really looking forward to the cuteness, the exploration, etc., etc. That said, I'm also a little sad about it. Is that weird? I'll be sorry to say goodbye to what we have right now, where all of her nourishment comes from me. I feel like that first bite of food will be an itsy bitsy step on the road toward us becoming untwined and separate. I mean, I know that's healthy and normal, but it still tugs my heartstrings to think that she'll be moving away from being my tiny little baby, and one day that tiny little baby will be gone for good, sniff, sniff.
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    I bawled when my LO started solids.
    You're normal!
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    Default Re: mentally dragging my feet

    I think that's perfectly normal, mama. Common, even.

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    Absolutely - I felt the same way!

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    Same here! I cried when my twins started solids, even though it was just a tiny bit. It's hard changing this very exclusive feeding relationship. Glad to know that I am not alone.
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    I felt the same way. Perhaps the fact that DS doesn't seem to like anything yet makes me feel better

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