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Thread: Excruciating pain in left nipple

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    Default Excruciating pain in left nipple

    What is going on? I returned to work last week and have been pumping twice/day at work and nurse when I'm home. Things have been going well.

    Today, though, I noticed that my nipple was a bit sore by the end of the work day and there was a constant stinging/burning sensation. I was busy running around doing stuff so was able to push it out of my mind. But when I fed LO at 5:30 when I got home OMG THE PAIN! It's ONLY the left nipple. There's no obvious physical problem - no blisters, no redness or irritation, etc. I've had milk blisters and the pain from those is only the first minute or so after she latches...this pain lasts the ENTIRE feeding and then continues afterward.

    I fed her again at 7-ish and started on the right side so she would be a little less forceful on the left and it didn't really help. I adjusted her latch to get it as perfect as possible but that didn't do much either. Eventually she started pulling off as she fell asleep and for a brief moment she was only sucking on the tip of the nipple and that's when it was the worst. I unlatched her and was done for the night.

    It's been an hour since I finished and the nipple still hurts. It's like a burning pain. I have taken my boob out of my bra to keep anything from touching the nipple. I also just took acetaminophen for the pain. I'm so afraid I'm not going to be able to nurse her tonight. What should I do??? My left boob is my main producer. I can't let that supply be affected.

    And the only issue with exclusively pumping right now while it gets better (once I figure out what the problem is) is that LO relies on me for MOTN feedings to get back to sleep AND we desperately need the bottles I have stored for when I'm at work.

    I guess if that's my only option I'll have to find a way to make it work but I don't know what else to do. Anyone know what it might be? I thought thrush but it hurts even after we're done nursing and neither me nor baby have any other signs of it.

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    Default Re: Excruciating pain in left nipple

    OUCH! I'm sorry mama! I'm thinking, maybe it's thrush?

    ETA: Here's a description of the symptoms. http://www.babycenter.com/0_thrush-i...g-moms_8486.bc
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