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Thread: What is going on?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sarahandjack View Post
    The prilosec is 4 ml three times a day. It is the most rancid smelling liquid I have ever smelled. The spit up is definitely better, and you're right, the gas is probably unrelated. I am just trying to figure out what to eliminate from my diet...
    If you want to go the diet route, the first thing to eliminate is dairy (soy would be next) because it's the most common thing babies have a problem with. Keep in mind that it can take up to 6 weeks, but usually closer to 2, for there to be any improvement in symptoms because it has to leave your body, and then leave baby's body, which takes time.

    I asked about the Prilosec because I've read that the suspension used for compounded reflux meds can have a far shorter shelf life than most pharmacists realize, which then makes them sort of useless after a week or so (it was on the MARCI Kids site...and those folks really know their stuff).
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    I will definitely call the pediatrician tomorrow and ask about the meds! Thank you. I just checked out the website, and while I assumed it would go bad after a period of time, I didn't realize it could happen that quickly.

    The only reason I do not believe it is diet related is because it really has gotten better over the last few weeks. There were days we couldn't get out of bed because he was so miserable. Now we can go out and about and do things and he is happy as can be. I am wondering if last night was just a crabby baby night...

    I will, however, attempt to eliminate dairy and soy for a couple months and see how that goes.

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