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Thread: Lump in Montgomery Gland

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    Default Lump in Montgomery Gland

    Can anyone help with how to deal with this?

    I have a lump in one of my Montgomery glands that's about the size of a pea. It's not particularely red and only hurts when I touch it, kind of feels like a swollen pimple, yk? And my Ds (6 weeks) seems to be having trouble/ not wanting to latch on that side.

    I'm at a total loss here, not sure if I should treat it like a normal clogged duct or what?? Geez, after having them leak for 2 1/2 years between nurslings the last thing I would expect from them now is a clog!


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    Default Re: Lump in Montgomery Gland

    Hi! I can see why you would be concerned.

    Most lumps in a nursing mother's breasts are either milk filled glands or inflammation, such as plugged duct or a breast infection. Some are benign tumors or milk retention cysts. Only in the rarest cases are they due to cancer.

    How long have you had this lump? A lump that stays in constant size or enlarges needs to be checked by your doctor, preferably one who is knowledgeable about a lactating breast.

    Either way, I would strongly urge you to seek a medical opinion to ease your mind!
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