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Thread: coughing while breastfeeding

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    Default coughing while breastfeeding

    My one week old tends to cough every once in awhile when I breastfeed him, almost as if he gets too much milk in his mouth and forgets to swallow? I am not entirely sure how to explain this, it's never a huge issue, I pat him on his back and then he goes back to nursing without event. Should I be concerned? I hate hearing him cough - he doesn't do it otherwise...

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    Default Re: coughing while breastfeeding

    its usually caused by overactive letdown. try nursing on a recline: leaning back.
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    My LO still does this too. Especailly when she is distracted or falling asleep. If its not causing problems I wouldn't worry too much.
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    Overactive letdown, or just a regular old letdown versus a tiny new baby! Nursing on an incline should help.

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    Default Re: coughing while breastfeeding

    I noticed your other post about pumping, and I think you are probably experiencing some oversupply and overactive letdown. This information should help you decide if this is the case! Enjoy your new little one!

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