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Thread: poop after starting solids

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    Default poop after starting solids

    Hi everyone, I need some info here. DD is 7 months and we just started solids about 2 weeks ago. Right now I only give her a meal of solids once a day, sometimes twice. Within the last week her poop has become really thick and sticky (almost like clay), and when I take her diaper off most of it is stuck to her bottom.

    I remember when she was a newborn her doctor said if her poop was thick and sticky like that, then she was dehydrated - so of course now I'm worried she's dehydrated. The rest of the day she's nursing every couple of hours, wet diapers seem to be ok...basically my question is, what's her poop supposed to be like now that she's getting some solid food?

    Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: poop after starting solids

    As the baby starts eating solids, you're probably going to see a lot of variation in her poops. Every color and consistency. Changes in frequency. As long as she is still peeing normally and she isn't having difficulties pooping (straining, turning red, or crying when pooping), then things are okay. If you are ever in doubt about your baby's reaction to solids, remember that it's still okay to back off and just nurse more.

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    Poop change is one of the worst parts about starting solids. It gets so gross!!! I agree that the only time it's really a problem is if she becomes constipated, then I would definitely suggest cutting back on solids. But it sounds like the amount you give is good and if she's still nursing a ton that will help. As her body adjusts to solids the pooping situation will get better- though not any less stinky!

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    Default Re: poop after starting solids

    I think it's quite normal as long as your baby doesn't seem to be in pain or maybe blood in the diaper (?). After my DD's poop after first solids I just missed EBF .

    P.D.: after giving her papayas, it seemed like I had mashed a papaya on her diaper .

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    Default Re: poop after starting solids

    My fave is when my son pooped in the shower, and I was worried he was going to lean down and pick up and eat the whole peas that were mixed in
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