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Thread: Sharp little teeth

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    Default Sharp little teeth

    I have been nursing twins for 14 mos. Recently, the one with both upper and lower teeth is just tearing up my nipple when she nurses. She isn't clamping down or really biting. It's just like her teeth are rasping my nipple in rhythm with her sucking. I am tandem nursing so I don't really want to pull her off and disturb her sister. Once interrupted they sometimes don't want to finish feeding.

    Is there some way to get her to nurse without using her teeth? Different position maybe?

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    Trying a different position couldn't hurt. But you may also have to try unlatching her and repositioning. Sometimes thier latch gets a little sloppy as they get older but you don't notice until the teeth start coming in.

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    I just wanted to say that I am super impressed you are still nursing 14 month old twins. You go girl!!!!

    My son is doing the same thing this week, he's 18.5 months. I'm not really sure why other than he is teething.. we have 4 teeth about to cut through.. and maybe he is doing this to make the gums feel better? It's frustrating i know!

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