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Thread: 6mo refusing breast, thought reflux, not sure now

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    Post 6mo refusing breast, thought reflux, not sure now

    Hi all - DD is about a week shy of 6 months old now. She has fought the breast almost from the beginning - at least since a few weeks old. I have OS/OALD but corrected that and am still block nursing. It takes an extreme amount of soothing to get her to nurse, and she will only nurse a few minutes at a time. She nurses fine while asleep, and usually every hour during the night (we co-sleep). Those are the main symptoms... but we saw an IBCLC a few weeks ago (third one we've seen) and she suggested silent reflux (DD has not spit up much since before I started block feeding, but swallows a lot, has a rumbly tummy, hiccups a lot, slow weight gain, etc.). We saw the pediatrician and he prescribed Zantac at the lowest dose. We started giving it to her last Wednesday (over a week ago).

    It seemed to help for a couple days. DD did well, not fighting the breast too much, still ate only a few minutes at a time but more often. And she went from drinking 8oz of EBM while I'm at work to 12oz. But, since last weekend, she's been fighting the breast even harder. The pediatrician increased her Zantac dose three days ago, and it didn't help. I've already made a call to the LC and she is supposed to get back to me to give us some more help. The weird thing is that DD is still eating 12oz while I'm at work.

    But my question is, for you mamas with reflux babies, how long did it take you to see a difference on the medication? Did any of you have babies whose main symptom was fighting the breast and slow or no weight gain? Since my DD doesn't spit up, I can't use it as a gauge for improvement.

    I'm just wondering if it's been long enough on the Zantac that we should get rid of medication all together and look into another reason for the breast refusal? Should we try a different medication? Maybe she's become accustomed to not trusting the breast, so she continues to fight it, despite feeling better? (In which case, I know I should try some serious skin-to-skin and kangaroo care. I have been doing evening baths with her, taking her outside more, etc. and sometimes it helps but I can't do skin-to-skin every day for the rest of our breastfeeding relationship!)

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    Default Re: 6mo refusing breast, thought reflux, not sure now

    Don't have a lot of advice but have you checked out this link on Kelly mom?

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    Default Re: 6mo refusing breast, thought reflux, not sure now

    My daughter has silent reflux, and she has similar symptoms aside from the slow weight gain. I'd say the hourly nursing at night was another potential symptom, but her fussy nursing and refusal during the day muddy the waters a little on that one, since she could just be making up for it at night.

    Zantac is pretty weight sensitive, as far as the dosing goes, but you should see some relief fairly quickly if her dose is sufficient. If not, your pediatrician may suggest moving to a different med - possibly Prevacid or Prilosec. I'd be looking for relief in less than a week with the Zantac and less than 10 days with the others.

    My baby is also a breast-fighter - always has been. Have you tried nursing her in a more upright position? This didn't really work for us, but I know some mothers have success with it. Also, I happened to notice that being crunched up seems to put pressure on my daughter's stomach, which makes her uncomfortable (I noticed this when we were practicing sitting on the floor ), so I try to make sure her abdomen isn't curled in on itself when we nurse.
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