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Thread: I'm SO excited!!

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    Default I'm SO excited!!

    I had to share...

    First of all - we are having our consultation with the lactation consultant on Saturday morning. I am so happy - hopefully we'll get a good latch going and that problem will be "nipped" in the bud.

    Also - (knock on wood) - I'm not going to get too excited about this yet, but I think the yeast infection in my nipples is going away. They are looking much better over the past two days - nice & pink and little or no cracking. YAYYY!!!!! I'm still using the nystatin after each feeding though - just in case.

    Lastly, we went to the pediatrician this AM for Ashelyn's 2 week appointment. They said that at 2 weeks they like to see the baby back to their birthweight (she was 7 lbs 5 oz at birth). Well, today she weighs 8 pounds!!! I was worried also about milk supply b/c with my first daughter we had problems at the end of our short nursing time (1/2 oz pumped after 20 minutes when I had gone back to work - it would take all day of pumping to get one 4 oz bottle for her). This time I have been a little worried, but the Dr says no need to be concerned since Ashelyn has gained so much weight!!

    I just wanted to share - I am so happy that things seem to be getting better for us. I had wanted so badly to have a great breastfeeding experience this time around and now I am feeling positive that it might just happen!!

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    Congrats Momma! Sounds like you are doing a WONDERFUL job and ashelyn is gaining so well!! Glad to hear that thrush is almost gone. Keep up the good work.

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    Default Re: I'm SO excited!!

    That is Wonderful Debi!!!!!!! So happy for you! Keep at it mama!

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    That's wonderful, Debi!


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    Great job Debi! I'm so happy to hear your winning the battle with thrush...I hope I do too! You see, we always think baby isn't getting enough...and it's so nice to get good news from the dr. My little guy was a little slow to get back to birthweight...and I thought I'd have to supplement...but now at 3 weeks he has surpassed his birthweight, and he has been exclusively BF. This forum has been a big help. Keep up the good work mommy!

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