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Thread: Supplementing vitamins with iron????

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    Question Supplementing vitamins with iron????

    Our ped suggested back when DD was 9 months to begin iron multivitamin drops. She said we could do a blood test but that involved drawing from her arm
    DD is now 17 months and since then every morning I make her a gross concoction of the vitamins (which smell and taste horrible) with yogurt. She still eats so little that this is about as much as she will eat in the morning. I BF on demand which is about 6x per day or more and 3x at night (or more). I give her iron rich foods (she eats small samples) and try to cook from an iron pan as much as possible.
    She hasnt gotten all of her teeth yet, so chewable vitamins are out.
    Should I just give her iron rich cereals instead? We dont buy cows milk
    I was just wondering if you all give your BFing toddlers vitamins with iron?

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    Default Re: Supplementing vitamins with iron????

    That's weird- usually the test for anemia is not a blood draw from the vein, but a simple finger or heel stick.

    If your kid eats a decently balanced diet, nurses, and seems healthy, I don't know that I'd bother with any vitamins other than Vitamin D.

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    Default Re: Supplementing vitamins with iron????

    Those vitamins are so nasty and probably not needed. You could probably start her on a different type of vitamin. I know my son is 28 months and has been on gummy vitamins for a while and loves them. But I agree with the previous post that Vitamin D would be an important Vitamin to make sure she is getting because so many mom's are deficient in Vitamin D.

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