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Thread: Looking to wean at a year....when and how do I start?

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    Default Looking to wean at a year....when and how do I start?

    My DD is almost 10 months old. Although I've enjoyed breastfeeding my daughter, I've decided that I'm going to give it up once she turns a year old. When should I start weaning her and how do i start?

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    Default Re: Looking to wean at a year....when and how do I start?

    Just wanted to say that you don't have to wean at a year and be sure you are doing so because you want to, not because you feel pressured to do so. Breast milk still has wonderful benefits past a year.

    That being said, if you want to be done, then the weaning really needs to start happening after she turns one. She needs breast milk or formula up until one year of age. Then you can start adding in cow's milk (if you wish, is that the route you were going to take?) You can't start replacing feeds with cow's milk before the age of one.

    So after she is a year, you can start to drop one nursing session at a time, give it a least a few days, preferably a week, and then drop another one. So on and so forth.

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    Default Re: Looking to wean at a year....when and how do I start?

    with Shannon. Weaning is best done after 1 year, and is always best done sloooowly! If you wean cold turkey, you set yourself up for possible problems with engorgement, plugged ducts, and mastitis, because your body doesn't understand that you've weaned. It expects the baby to come along and nurse at any minute, so it keeps making the same large amount of milk. To encourage your body to gradually cut back production, you drop a feeding, replace it with solids if the baby is >1 year old, or with formula if the baby is <1 year old, wait several days, and then drop another feeding. Most moms have the greatest success if they drop the least-favored feeding first. That often means that the wake-up, pre-nap, and pre-bedtime nursing sessions are the last to go.

    Some things that can help you wean:
    - Enlist helpers. The baby expects to get milk from you, but not from daddy or grandma! If they can take her when she wants to nurse, she may forget about nursing and skip a feeding.
    - Distraction is your friend. When you're out and about, looking at new and interesting things, the baby may forget to nurse.
    - Keep snacks and sippy cups of water available to the baby. Satiate her thirst/hunger with a solids or a sippy, and she may not need to nurse.
    - Avoid your customary feeding locations. If you've always nursed in a particular chair, avoid it like the plague, because if the baby sees you in it she'll think "Nurse!"
    - Expect setbacks. Sometimes the baby will really need to nurse, and it's okay to let her. When it comes to eliminating nursing sessions, you're aiming for consistency, not perfection.

    Are there any nursing issues that are making you feel like you need to wean? If so, perhaps we can help you solve them, or at least provide confirmation that they're normal and will pass. Speaking as a mom who thinks that toddler nursing is the best part of the nursing experience, I'd love to help you continue on if you're interested. No pressure, of course! If you're feeling done, that's fine.

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    Default Re: Looking to wean at a year....when and how do I start?

    Do you work outside the home? If so, pump-weaning would be the first step. Then dropping others gradually as PP said.

    My son weaned himself when I became pregnant, so you could always take that route
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