My son is going to be a year in 4 days! I cannot believe we made it to this little anniversary!

On a less happy note - I'm now starting to worry that he is trying to wean himself. We used to nurse 5 times a day, pretty much at the same times, and it would increase when we would travel or on the weekends (I work full time, but I work from home, and we have a nanny that stays with him and brings him over to me for "nursing breaks"

He set his own schedule, and he used to nurse at 5 am, 8 am, then at 2 pm, 5 pm and 8 pm. There is a big break in the middle of the day because he has his long nap then.
Now, in the last few days, he will nurse twice in the morning, but then when I try to nurse him at 2 he will fight me and not want it! He will actively cry and push me away... Then he will only half-heartedly eat at 5, but will have a nice long nursing before going to sleep.

Is he weaning? Is it what he really wants? Or is it just something I am doing wrong and I need to correct it?