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Thread: Child led weaning...early???

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    My lo turned into more of a night nurser at that age. Too many things to do during the day! I often had to offer solids before nursing etc, and when he was sleepy at nap time then he would be more receptive to nursing. Good luck to you!

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    I never found too much of a conflict between allowing my babies to eat the solids they want and extended breastfeeding. Just because they are nursing less as they become interested in food doesn't mean they are ready or about to wean.

    I try to be slow with solids in the beginning (perhaps do to laziness more than deep philosophical beliefs, nursing is soo easy), but when my last child started bawling everytime we ate or put any thing to our lips I figured he wanted to eat more and I let him eat. Nursing is a relationship and in any relationship their needs to be mutual understanding. He 13 months now and there are definately times he doesn't want to nurse (with 2 older siblings he hate to miss out on their play). He'll bite me if I try to forced him on. I try to keep my older kids away and pick times that I think he would like to nurse. Unless I'm feeling engorged (or I know he's avoiding sleep) I don't force the issue.


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