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Thread: The "Right" Ped

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    I just posted this question on the First Time Mothers forum, but thought I should post here, too. Thanks so much!!

    I'm still trying to find the "right" ped for our 15 month old daughter.

    The first one we chose before she was born turned out to be not very supportive of breastfeeding and co-sleeping. The 2nd ped was more supportive (she said she had bf'ed her ds until he was 1 year) but then we moved. Sooo, in our search for #3, I found a ped who was also a LC with whom I totally felt comfortable with (l loved the fact she has pictures of animals bf'ing their babies, recommends books like LLL's Womanly Art of Bf'ing, Dr. Sears, too!), but her office is about 25 minutes from the house and a little hard for my husband to get to from work.

    Do you go to the pediatrician who you like everything about best or to one that you generally like (and smile when it comes to any thing like bf'ing/co-sleeping/etc. issues) who is minutes from where you live?

    Hope I'm making sense. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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    That's a hard question and really one that is different for each person because some people don't mind driving while others do.

    Personally, I prefer one close for a variety of reasons. If one of my children is sick and I make an appt. I wouldn't want to put them through a 25 min. drive (nearly an hour total in driving). With our Ped. the most important thing for me was that she respected our right not to vaccinate, other than that, the other issues aren't a big deal to me because I can just grin (like you said), thank her for her advice but not follow it (ie: co-sleeping, extended bfing). HTH!

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    We don't go to the ped a lot (DS isn't vaccinated) but I'd go with the one you feel most comfortable with. If you tend to put a lot of weight and decision making based on what the doctor says, then I'd find a really good doctor.

    DH and I question EVERYTHING. We do our own research and really question things that the "experts" say. That way we really feel like we are making a totally informed decision. So, it doesn't really matter a whole lot about our pedi. If he can prescribe medicine and perform life-saving care, then we're good. We don't take DS to the doctor for "minor" issues (ear aches, rash, small fever, spitting up) Actually, we've only taken him once to the doctor for thrush and then we ended up treating it naturally and at home.

    If you take your child to the doctor quite often and for vaccinations, and you tend to take his/her advice as truth, then find a really good one that you like...afterall, he/she will be caring and taking care of your LO.

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    The first pedi we had was close to the house, we ended up firing him due to he was ignoring problems that Madeline was having. The pedi we have now is 45 mins. away from the house and we so love her. He is a neonatle specialist (Madeline doctor in the NICU) and I was so happy when I saw she had a private practice. It's a drive, but she is pro breastfeeding, co-sleeping, etc.

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    We live in a small town and I have never been a fan of the clinic here. I could drive only 10 minutes to go to the doctor there, but since I don't like the clinic here we choose instead to drive 30 miles to a larger town. I love our doctor, and its actually more convenient for us. The clinic in our small town has some good doctors, but even when you have a scheduled appointment you wait for 2 hours to see the doctor, in the larger clinic I've never had to wait, even when we are just worked in. The drive is actually easier for my kids than sitting in the waiting room forever. It all depends on the family and the clinic. We don't go to the doctor for EVERYTHING, but I want to know that I can trust my doctor when we do go, even if it means extra driving.
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    my midwife told us to try a family doctor or to try the nurse practioner at the peds office, they are usually more bf friendly. It took us a long time to find a good ped, but I knew I had the right one when we were talking about having my son weaned before our trip to disney world and he said to me, "don't count on it, I think this one is going to nurse for a long time." and my ds was 16 months at the time. He totally got it! I would also say that if you found one you are really happy with, it might be worth the drive.

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