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    So my youngest child is 18 months old and I am still breastfeeding. Why does everyone ask-Shouldn't you wean him???? You don't want to be nursing a 2 year old!! Yikes, I hate it when people comment about my breastfeeding status with my sweet baby boy. I wish people would mind their own business!!!
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    I agree!
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    I have to laugh because i was just thinking this morning that its strange what people "comment" (read "intrusively but into") on. My grandpa is very pro-breastfeeding but is giving me a hard time about not potty training our 12 mo old... and has been for a couple months.
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    I'm preparing to be annoyed now that 1-year mark is approaching I've been getting "doesn't she bite you?" a lot lately, and "if she can ask for it you should quit" and "i know someone breastfeeding their 4 year old, you're not going to be one of THOSE people are you? that creeps me out, they're weird" The last from a clueless, childless, single friend. I just and change the topic.
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    I hate the comments too! My DD is only 9 months and I am already getting them. Especially from my husband of all people!
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    Yeah it's annoying but I guess I don't get comments too often. Maybe I'm not too vocal unless it's around someone I know breastfed their kids, too, not really sure. If anyone asks I say we'll wean when we're ready. We're not ready.
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    I get the comments too. My sister is the worst, but it's not so bad since we only see one another once every couple of weeks. I think she's jealous because she sees the bond I have with my son, and she doesn't have that as much with her boys since she chose to use formula. She says to me "If he can start to lift your shirt you should quit", and the usual "doesn't he bite you?". I used to let it get to me, but I now just ignore it, or change the topic. I never anticipated breastfeeding after one, but am just rolling with it, and my 14mo old still loves it, as do I, so we're not stopping anytime soon.

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    I get it too and LO will be 18 months next week. When we started I firgured we woould go as long as LO wanted to and she still wants to. I have however been counting to 10 when I am ready for her to be down when she is just doing it out of boredom and telling her not now when we are out in public and changing the subject and that has worked for the most part unless we are in the backyard and then it gets a little heated at times. I want her to quit when it's right for her and I have wanted to wean her jsut recently but realised that it's not what I want only but her too and my heart says she wins for now lol.
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    I agree. My son is only 15mo and I'm getting it from friends who nursed for exactly a year. "When are you giong to start cutting him back?" Like he needs to go on a diet or something

    My easiest and most un-engaging response is always "when he's ready." Discussion done. They're my friends and I don't want to preach but i do want to kick them in that moment
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