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Thread: So happy to have our BF relationship back

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    Talking So happy to have our BF relationship back

    Some of you may have seen my previous posts about difficulties with nursing my dd. Since she was a few weeks old, we have had major issues getting her to eat without fussing/crying. She is now 5.5 months old (23wks) and has only gained 10 ounces since she was 12 weeks old. Thankfully she had a 'stock' built up from her first 3 months before it got too bad. Anyway, lately feeding her has become such a struggle that I would spend my entire day trying to get her to eat, only to have her nurse for 3 minutes, get hungry again in a half hour, and then spend another chunk of time trying to get her to eat again. I was never able to actually enjoy her and play with her. It has been a major challenge, and I think the only reason she was gaining anything is because we bedshare. We have tried everything to figure out what was bothering her. Some days I thought, "Maybe she'll be like this until we wean." Of course a lot of people (family, friends) told us we should wean but I was dead set against it.

    I've been suspecting silent reflux but our pediatrician is less than supportive when it comes to telling him you think something's wrong. He seems to think that all parents overreact, even when something really is wrong. Last weekend we finally saw a REALLY good IBCLC (have seen 2 others who were of NO help) who said REFLUX! and wrote a great report for the pediatrician. With that and my sob story about spending entire days trying to get dd to eat, he actually wrote a prescription! I'm not one to jump to medications but since she's gone this long without treatment, the LC said it was probably the best thing for her.

    She's been on it only 2 days and we've already seen MAJOR improvement. She now takes more expressed milk while I'm at work, we actually sat down on the couch to nurse last night (previously walking around every time to get her to relax enough to eat) and she overall seems happier. Now, every time she eats, she makes this wonderful "mmm" sound when she swallows It melts my heart and I am so glad to have our breastfeeding relationship back!

    BFing is the best!
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    What a wondeful story with a such a happy ending... so glad to hear that BFing is going great now! Sorry you had to deal with your less than helpful pediatrician.

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    That is wonderful mama!! Good for you for sticking with it and getting through the tough times!!
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