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Thread: Recurrent Plugged Ducts??

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    Default Recurrent Plugged Ducts??

    I am posting for a friend of mine who is having a terrible time with possible recurrent plugged ducts and is needing advice on what to do. I'll give you a brief history on her.

    Her DS is 10 months old and has been EB. Last November(ish) she had strep and was placed on antibiotics. Since January she has had 6-7 plugged ducts (we think) and started antibiotics on March 14th to treat a possible strep infection causing these. The 1st plugged duct she had, she did develop fever for a few hours and felt terrible, but this quickly resolved with massage, feeding, and pumping. Today she called me and the plugged duct (so we believe) is back and she is at a loss as to what to do. She has had the worst trouble with her left breast.

    We have gone over all the possible causes as to what can be causing these (fatigue, exhaustion, milk stasis, tight-fitting bras, repetitive exercises, diet). She is probably one of the healthiest people I know (great diet, exercises, gluten-free and dairy-free)! She is contemplating lecithin; prior to pregnancy, she had trouble with her hormone levels and wants to be careful with any supplements that could cause problems.

    Do any of you wonderful ladies have any advice? What about a possible milk-retention cyst???

    TIA for your help!

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    Default Re: Recurrent Plugged Ducts??

    My son is 9 months old and I have always gotten clogged ducts.

    I am prertty sure mine are caused by the lack of a consistant nursing "schedule". I have always believed very firmly in feeding on demand.

    I work M-F 9-5 since my son was 3 months old (he is with my mom and gets EBM and solids while he is with her). Mornings, evenings, over-night and weekends, he nurses on demand (and gets his solids - but no bottles ever).

    I pump 10am, 1pm and 4 pm at the office M-F. I pump approx. 10 minutes (double electric pump) and get 10-12 oz. of milk for the day, every day. This is very consistant. And the only consistancy with our breast feeding.

    My son nurses VERY inconsistanly:
    One day it's every 2-3 hours. The next day he goes 5-6 hours. He is inconsistant at night too - sometimes he sleeps through the night and never wakes once then the next night he is up to nurse every other hour. Sometimes he nurses for 5 minutes total, sometimes he will only take one or the other breast, sometimes he nurses for 30+ minutes.

    Also, I cannot rely on him nursing 10, 1 and 4 on weekends when my body is ready due to the weekday pump schedule.

    Anyway, my body never knows when to be "ready" with milk. I seem to "fill up" constantly "just in case"! I leak all the time and get engorged and terribly uncomfortable very often. Not to mention that the clogged ducts are painful.

    Now for what helps me when I get a clog - PUMPING! I can control when, the length of time and the strength of the suction. And so I can effectively and quickly "clear" the clog. I can't control when or how well my son will nurse and therefore cannot rely on him nursing to clear it.

    I will mention that I HATE pumping - I do it only becuase I work. Put having the pump comes in handy for me whan I have a clog and have never had one last more than 2 or so days.

    Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Recurrent Plugged Ducts??

    Exactly, PP--the best thing to prevent and treat clogged ducts is to put LO to the breast, or pump as second-choice. OP, how is the mother's nursing frequency going? It's normal for babies to want to nurse several times an hour.
    I never had plugged ducts or mastitis because DD just loves to bf, all the time. She bf at least twice an hour during the daytime well into 9mos, and still bfs at night.

    Also, is there a question that LO isn't transferring milk well? That's usually a latching issue, and mama may have some sore nipples too. Take a look at these short bfing videos to see what mama thinks of how milk transfer is going:
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