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Thread: Worried distractibility will lead to weaning

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    Default Worried distractibility will lead to weaning

    James is a week from 7 mos. He's probably days away from crawling and is talking up a storm. He is turning into quite the little vocal, mobile man!

    Our schedule normally looks something like this (for the past 2-3 mos):
    3AM nurse
    5AM nurse
    8AM nurse @ daycare
    10:30 Bottle @ daycare
    1PM Nurse @ daycare
    2:30 PM Bottle @ daycare
    5PM nurse@ daycare
    6PM nurse
    7:30 PM nurse to sleep
    11:30PM nurse

    However, he's been so excited to see his buddies @ daycare, or the ceiling fan or just ready to move move move that he's stopped wanting to nurse even when he's hungry. I have overactive letdown so it's very important to me to minimize the amount of bottles he has. He's been too excited to nurse in the morning and half nurses at lunch which results in him nearly doubling the amount of bottles he has - and he's stopped nursing to sleep because the dark room and the bed are just too exciting Current schedule is below:

    3AM nurse
    5AM nurse
    8AM too excited to nurse with me at drop-off refuses breast
    8:30AM bottle @ daycare
    10:30 Bottle @ daycare
    1:30 PM pop on and off nurse @ daycare - barely getting enough so I don't have to pump right away when i get back to work.
    2 PM Bottle @ daycare
    4PM bottle @ daycare (she tries to hold him off if she can until 5 but when he's hungry I don't want her to wait and entire hour.)
    5PM Skip pickup nursing because he's not hungry- although I always offer
    6PM nurse @ home
    7:30 PM *in a dark quiet room* barely nurse/pop on and off and on and off and roll around in the bed until I get frustrated and just put him in his crib. (I can tell he wants to nurse to sleep but he can't contain himself sort of?)
    11:30PM nurse

    Night nursing is fine. I just want to get rid of the extra bottles!! I am there to nurse with him at daycare three times a day, I want to keep that going. His bottle preference gets really strong so I don't want to give up.

    I have a nursing necklace, but that's even more distracting for him. He will get in the ZONE and really nurse when he's starving but that's 3+ hours between feeds which is really unusual for him.

    Eating a few solids - baby led weaning, breakfast and dinner. Not lots since he's going it himself.

    Am I just concerned about weaning for nothing?
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    Default Re: Worried distractibility will lead to weaning

    My little guy was super active and very distracted at times.. I would try to go somewhere quiet but he would eat when he was hungry and then other times it would be a sip here and then play.. or nurse and drive a car all over my chest at the same time....
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    Default Re: Worried distractibility will lead to weaning

    DS3 was a very distracted nurser at that age. He is 21 months now and nurses almost as much as most newborns. Of course, only if we are home and away from distractions. I just made sure to keep distractions to a minimum. Find a quiet place to nurse if you are out and about or make outtings short.

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