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Thread: 3mo won't latch on

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    Unhappy 3mo won't latch on

    Is there any hope that my 3 mo DD will latch on? She nursed off and on for her first 2 weeks. But now I have to pump, and feed her EBM in a bottle. I'm also only getting 2oz a day b/c I stopped for 6 weeks. Everytime I try to nurse her she screams and screams! Is it even worth trying? I wish I could nurse my baby full time like everyone else!

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    Keep trying! It took me until mine was two months old - some day it just might click for her. The best time for me to try was always around 10 or 11 am, when she was alert and quiet, and almost ready for a nap. Once I got her to nurse during this time, she got used to it and would do it more often. I had tried almost every day for a while and she wouldn't latch on, and tried about two weeks before she turned two months, and she wouldn't do it. Then one day I was pumping, and knew she was hungry, so I decided to give it another shot, and she latched on like she had been doing it all along. Have you seen a LC? They can sometimes offer tips or suggestions that may help you get going. Good luck!

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    I second the advice to go see a lactation consultant for help. You'll want to see an International Board Certified person (IBCLC). You can also contact a local LLL leader. Many moms do relactate after stopping for a period of time and are successful at getting baby back to the breast. You can also look at and/or post on the section of these boards for induced lactation and relactation.

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