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Thread: nursing 2 year old w/anemia

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    Default nursing 2 year old w/anemia

    My daughter is almost 2.5 years old and nurses a lot both during the day, and at night.
    She is a very picky eater as most toddlers are, but she does not like meat or veggies and only likes carb foods. She has also been sick every other week since starting day care last November. When she is sick she does not have an appetite at all, and does not want to eat anything but breast milk. When she is well, she eats ok. I've tried to make her eat before she nurses, but she refuses to eat before she nurses. She just has to nurse before, and she throws a biiiig fit if she doesn't get to nurse, plus she will refuse to eat all together.
    I don't know what to do because she has anemia, and everyone (including doctors) is pressuring me to stop breastfeeding. I still want to breastfeed but my daughters health is the most important. Should I stop?
    Does anyone have any advice for me?

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    Default Re: nursing 2 year old w/anemia

    Can you give her a vitamin with iron in it? I have read some ladies on this forum say that with anemia, they don't really want to eat. So if you can get rid of the anemia, maybe she'll eat more?

    I would probably just let her nurse before eating, it doesn't seem like something I would want to fight with her over. But I've not dealt with this issue personally. Sorry.

    I would not stop breastfeeding for sure though. That is the only thing you know for sure that she will eat, it seems ridiculous to take away her main food supply, along with the comfort aspect.

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    Default Re: nursing 2 year old w/anemia

    Is there anything you can eat to boost the amount of iron in your BM?

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    Default Re: nursing 2 year old w/anemia

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    Default Re: nursing 2 year old w/anemia

    yup I didn't stop nursing either, and my dd had very low iron we got a trip to the blood specilist at the childrens hospital..
    Their advice was to stop nursing and give formula company iron drops that my dd just spit out so I talked to a few people and found out what they were doing with their kids.
    The one lady I knew in my LLL group had a hubby that was a ciropractor and she asked him what he would recomend and he said floridix.
    ITs a natural iron thats made from plants and herbs.
    When we had our next check up the doctor was shocked that her iron was so high and we never did have to go back to the childrens hospital.
    they told us they would need to see her monthy for a year.

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    Default Re: nursing 2 year old w/anemia

    Thank you all for your tips.

    I've tried giving her a liquid iron supplement. She spits it out. I would have to force it down with a syringe, and still she will hold it in her mouth and spit it out. I don't blame her...it tastes like s***!
    I've tried the chewable vitamins with iron in it but she doesn't like them either. I've tried to grind them up and put them in smoothies and apple sauce, but she doesn't eat it....

    Andrea: The floradix...how does it taste? and did your daughter like it? or how else were you able to get her to take it?

    Someone suggested I eat more iron...does it affect the breast milk? I guess it should?

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