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Thread: In laws not very supportive, Baby Seems good???

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    Angry In laws not very supportive, Baby Seems good???

    :rolleyes So my Son has to go for a checkup soon Because the dr thought he was on the small side and that his growth was down? off from his Charts.

    Well I increased his milk intake to 5 oz a bottle when we are apart this is a total of 15 oz. He seems to be doing fine to me. He is getting a little tiny bit chunckier, but that would happen nomatter who was being fed more.

    My mother in law though is driving me nuts about this whole thing. She hadnt known and still doesnt know all the details of the drs visit. But she is like oh I think hes growing because hes getting more than those 4 mezly oz?? UGH I cant stand all the negative feedback and dealings. Its always negative..

    I think my son is doing great, My newest problem is trying to eat when he is with me and that is most anytime im off of work.
    Hes starting to grab at what ever i have and fusses if i dont let him touch it. UGH but its so cute cuz if you drink a bottle of water he licks his lips and smacks like hes coping you say smack ahhh thats good.

    HOw do you ladies deal with negative people. ?? and What are some milestones that your 4.month 3 week old babies have hit.


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    Default Re: In laws not very supportive, Baby Seems good???

    Is your MIL your caregiver? If not then just say he's doing great, thanks for asking! and change the subject. If I know people are just going to be negative about my BFing then I refuse to engage them. However, I'm also pretty good with the snark so I can supply you some zingers if you want

    Also here are the WHO growth charts which are based on BFed babies, not FF ones like most Dr's offices use. Maybe print that out and bring it with you to show the Dr how he's stacking up on BF standards.

    Also it's not uncommon for babies to slow down their weight gain when they are working on hitting other milestones. They use those calories for cognitive development vs physical. If he just mastered rolling over then he's obviously not starving. Don't let her get you down mama.

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    Default Re: In laws not very supportive, Baby Seems good???

    I agree with the PP...just tell ur inlaws that the baby is doing great and leave it at that. One thing I have learned since having my DD is to stop
    Trying to explain everything.

    Mine is 5 months 1 week old and is rolling over like crazy!! She's also trying her hardest to sit up :-) and yes, every bit of my food is grabbed by little hands all the time!

    Oh, and when I work one or two days a week, I leave 12 ozs in 4 3 oz bottles. My MIL used to comment but finally stopped saying stuff when she saw that it was satisfying the baby. Don't worry...you're taking care of your LO just fine :-)
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