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Thread: Drying up due to long lapses in breastfeeding/pumping

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    Unhappy Drying up due to long lapses in breastfeeding/pumping

    My daughter will be 7 months old this Saturday, 3/19/11. She weighs approximately 17 lbs (which is awesome for a 34 weeker), and is in the 96th percentile with her height! She pees several times throughout the day, and poops every morning, at least once.

    I work a full time job, & I was pumping at least once a day before... but then they started to get onto me about taking too long. I can't seem to manage to not take too long... & while I know that I *could* make a fuss about that, I didn't... because I was afraid of getting laid off, so I stopped, and suplemented. Well, guess what! I'm getting laid off anyway. 4/7/11 is my last day, & I will be a stay at home mom! Right now, though, I am going about 10 hours without breastfeeding my baby girl, & without pumping. I feel horrible about it... but I want to fix it when I get out of here!!

    My milk is just not satisfying her. She gets upset, she bites, it's awful. I can tell she's not getting much because her diapers in the morning are NOT what they are when she gets a bottle... & even when I was pumping at work, I was lucky to get 2 oz. At the hospital, when she was in the NICU, I was getting like 7 oz. This is NOT the way it's supposed to be, is it? I even rented a hospital grade pump & wasn't getting any more than my travel pump. & what's even worse is that almost all of the milk came from my right breast, and only a few drops from my left.

    Is there any hope that I can get my milk to come back or am I screwed? Help?

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    So sorry that your job gave you such a hassle about pumping and laid you off anyway!

    You absolutely can get your supply back up. There are lots of ideas and tips on the Relactation Forum (it's under Supply Issues). Are you taking any herbs at all to boost it? This may not be the time to suggest it given the expense, but have you considered domperidone?

    You could also purchase a Lact-Aid or Medela SNS. This way your breasts will be stimulated (always a good thing for my supply, particularly on the wimpy side) and she will be getting her food from the breast, not a bottle.

    Don't forget to enjoy the unexpected extra time with your baby!
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    Oh yeah, and pump at least 8 times per day for 15 mins or 5 mins after your last big drop. I know it sucks, but I swear by getting up at 2:00am - I pump 1/4 of my milk for the day in that pump alone!

    Much love and hang in there mama!

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    I have ready many posts by women who have relactated successfully.

    What also worked for me was hand expression during and after pumping. There is this video from Stanford that shows you how to do it: http://newborns.stanford.edu/Breastf...roduction.html.

    I also took a lot of fenugreek, drank mother's milk tea, and ate oat cereal. It seemed to work, but I didn't keep it up so my supply has decreased again. Looks like I"ll have to start it all up too.

    Sorry about the job loss though.

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    Default Re: Drying up due to long lapses in breastfeeding/pumping

    I'd be pumping all the time at work now since you got laid off anyway!
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