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Thread: The biting baby.

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    Default The biting baby.

    I have a 7 month old baby girl with 6 teeth, four on top, two on bottom, and she is a biter! I have read the FAQ and articles on LLL info pages and It seems I have tried everything, I tell her no, Pull her away and let her know she needs to be gentle when she nurses, but when I offer the breast again, she bites, again.

    She bites as she latches on and when she is finishing up, recently she has broken skin and I can only nurse her on one side, and have to pump from the other because it is too painful to nurse... any advice?

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    I think the best idea for you is contacting a La Leche League leader. They can guide you much better than anyone can over the computer.

    Is there a La Leche League Group in your area? The leaders will help you for free. Here is the link to find one:
    How to Find a La Leche League Leader Near You

    And in case you haven't read these non-LLL sites for info on help with biting:

    When Baby Bites

    When Baby Bites ... #2

    Let us know how things progress for you. Good luck!

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    Default Re: The biting baby.

    Well, nursing her on the sore side actually helped heal it! The only way I could get her to stop biting was to cut the feed out altogether, instead of atking her off, Saying NO and putting her back on, I Said "NO Biting" and got up and we did something else for a few mins before returning to eat, she hated it enough that it only took 3 times before she stopped biting altogether! Happy to Say everything has gone back to painfree, loving nursing, and thank god for that!

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