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Thread: Something is VERY wrong here

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    compression is what comes to my mind. If your nipple is compressed during hte feeding, blood isn't circulating. When you are done feeding the baby the blood rushes back into the nipple causing an intense burning sensation. Some moms of tongue tie babies experience this. What does your nipple look like after the feeding? Does it look flattened or like the tip of a brand new lipstick? Or just plain weird in any way other than the tip being white? Another indicator is a white stripe across the nipple right after a feeding. All of those can be caused by a shallow latch. If the latch is the problem you can fix it and the burning will stop. I don't have much experience with raynaulds but here's a link


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    Hi, I was wondering if your doctor was monitoring your liver function while you were on the diflucan. Just curious b/c some people say their docs do, but mine is not -- want to make sure I'm taking the diflucan safely.

    Did you ever find a solution to the Reynaud's? If not, I can look it up in my some of my BF books. Let me know.

    Thanks, Kay

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