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Thread: Diflucan-Thrush Questions

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    Hi There-

    I was hoping someone out there might be able to help me understand this thrush thing a little better....or, if you're dealing with it yourself, would love to share experiences.
    I'm wondering:

    1) Can I have thrush but not my LO?
    2) My LO and I are on a 14 day course of diflucan. I've read it's hard on the liver. Should our doctors be monitoring our liver function while we're on it? Were you?
    3) How long did it take for your nipples to feel better on diflucan?

    BTW, here's the back story on the thrush thing:
    My LO was seen by a nurse practioner, who said the white patches on her mouth were thrush. I also had burning nipples. When the white patches did not go away after 9 days on diflucan, I went back to see a doctor in the same practice. The doctor said the white patches are harmless cysts, not thrush, but she put me on 14 days of diflucan for my burning nipples. I hate drugs, but I'm taking in just because I don't want to pass thrush on to my LO (if I haven't already).

    I'm so mad at myself that I let my LO get put on such a strong drug, when it's very possible she didn't need it...even if it is thrush, I've subsequently learned most people start with Gentian Violet or Nystatin. Diflucan is a last resort. She was only 2 weeks old when we started the diflucan. I hope it's safe...

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    Default Re: Diflucan-Thrush Questions

    I don't know a lot about diflucan, unfortunately. But my 2nd LO and I had a LONG battle with thrush and the thing no one told me until the very end was you have to keep using whatever medications you're using for 3-7 days AFTER all the symptoms are gone. So whatever you decide to use, make sure you keep using it when the white patches are gone and your nipples feel better for 3-7 more days or it will likely come back.

    Gentian violet worked well for us as soon as we learned that little tip even after Nystatin failed completely.

    Good luck! Hopefully someone else will have more to add about diflucan. I'm sure your baby will be fine though!!
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    Default Re: Diflucan-Thrush Questions

    Dr. Hale maintains a website that offers a plethora of information on various drugs and breastfeeding. i had more luck using his old web forum
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