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Thread: how do you define extended bf?

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    Default Re: how do you define extended bf?

    Personally, I agree that it is when dd and I are laying down, all stretched out, nursing ! Or really tired (as in we are extending ourselves to be doing this at this late hour)!

    But seriously, I agree that giving it a name singles us out...frankly, to most of my friends and family, we are already extended nursing! I guess I think of it as sometime past age 2...because the WHO recommends nursing that long (don't they have a song about that--okay bad pun). I can't figure out why the AAP can't get on board with the WHO...maybe they are taking it one step at a time and maybe that would actually scare a lot of mom's away from nursing (like mayb ethey woudl think...well, I can't possibly be successful at it so why even try?) I think we will be lucky to make it 2 years though.

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    Default Re: how do you define extended bf?

    Ditto on Jillana's answer! Good one!
    I don't plan on calling it "extended breastfeeding" to anyone who asks me if I'm still bf. My answer will simply be "yes". I think it's rude for people to ask when I plan on weaning, anyway. If they do, I'll give the standard, "Why do you ask?" I just love that one. I love the looks on their faces and the stuttering as they try to answer why it's their business to know.

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    Default Re: how do you define extended bf?

    I say over 1 year. In a few weeks DD will be 2.

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    Default Re: how do you define extended bf?

    I'm not into labels either, but I do consider "extended" BFing to refer to BFing past one year in the U.S. because it really is quite rare.
    I don't think it's an insult. I take pride in considering me and DD to be "extended" BFers.
    However, I think to people unlike myself, who don't relish being out of the mainstream and enjoy feeling superior , the phraseology might be a turn off.


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    Default Re: how do you define extended bf?

    I think the general population in the US would say that extended nursing starts sometime after LO starts walking around(roughly a year or so).

    Personally, I think, having nursed our oldest to 2 years, and our youngest (now over 7 mos.) and going strong, that extended nursing would be past about age 3 or so. Once our oldest got to be about 3 years old, and he could speak really really well, sounded mature, his body started to look more mature and less toddlerish...he started wearing a boys size 4 instead of T sized clothes, and when he plopped into my arms and looked up at me with big boy eyes, I couldn't have imagined ever nursing him at that age. But that's just me, other kids are different, and need different things from their mommas.

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    Default Re: how do you define extended bf?

    This whole section of the forum is called "Extended Breastfeeding" so LLL must think there is some validity to considering a certain timeframe to have "extended" beyond something. It seems that most of the moms who start threads on here saying that they "made it" post them when their babies have reached their first birthdays.

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    Default Re: how do you define extended bf?

    I don't know why but I always had it in my mind that extended bf was beyond 18 months...ask me why 18 months and I don't really know (maybe cause thats how long I nursed ) Interestingly, I just found out that the Candadian Pediatric Assoc. recommends 2 years and beyond...I don't think there is less of a stigma in Canada though for nursing beyond one year...hmmm oh well. I like the response of "why do you ask"...I might use that one!

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    Default Re: how do you define extended bf?

    Quote Originally Posted by fezzik812 View Post
    In reading this section, I'm suprised by the variations in the ages of children. I'm curious- at what age do you consider breastfeeding "extended?"
    It seems that "extended" could mean something quite different to each mother, depending on her own goals.
    This forum's description reads, "Issues involving breastfeeding beyond a year". If you look in The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding there's not a chapter that's called "Extended Breastfeeding” but it does talk about toddler nursing and how your milk continues to provide special benefits for your baby as long as you nurse him. Nursing is not only nourishment but also satisfies emotional needs. LLL doesn't recommend a particular length of time for nursing but rather says that ideally, the breastfeeding relationship will continue until the baby outgrows the need.
    In the same way that "real life" Toddler LLL meetings can help meet the needs of mothers and toddlers who are still nursing, this forum can be a place for support for nursing beyond the infant stage.
    Also, Mothering Your Nursing Toddler by Norma Jane Bumgarner is a great resource for questions and issues that might come up when nursing into toddlerhood and beyond.

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