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Thread: Trouble Shooting for a friend

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    Default Trouble Shooting for a friend

    Ladies I have a friend with a 4 week old.

    She's been dealing with some major pain. She had a clog that got to the point where the pain was radiating down her arm. She's been trying to get a hold of her Dr to check if it's mastitis. Anyway the clog came out so the sever pain is gone but she back to the initial pain she had.

    For the first 10-30 seconds of nursing she has a burning pins and needles feeling in her breast. She has discussed it with her LC but at that point the LC said it was just a really painful let down. But She says it makes her cry. My letdown was pretty painful early on, but not to the point of making me cry.

    Any thoughts? Could it still be mastitis? Could it be Thrush even though there's nothing visible on her nipples?
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    Default Re: Trouble Shooting for a friend

    The first two weeks after my milk came in my boobs felt like they were on fire and it actually helped to cuddle with a hot water bottle. I know that doesn't make sense but it helped with my pain. I would still ask your friend to touch base with a Dr.
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