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Thread: Depression kickin' in...Need HELP!

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    Unhappy Depression kickin' in...Need HELP!

    Hi!!!...I have a 3 month old which I breastfed the first 4 weeks, then I had to go back to work and we started giving him the bottle, and I've been exclusively pumping from then on. But now I'm not working, and I want to breasfeed him so bad, but he won't latch on cause' he's so used to bottlefeeding now. What can I do? I have a good supply, I'm taking Reglan, and Fenugreek. But I don't know what I can do for him to latch on. Please help me!!! I'm getting frustrated!!
    Mother to 3 month old Magdiel Isaac (20/12/2010)

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    Default Re: Depression kickin' in...Need HELP!

    Well, to be honest, I would switch from Reglan to Domperidone first - Reglan is horrible...

    If you were breastfeeding well for 4 weeks, could you try maybe a nipple shield? I can't seem to really get milk out through one, but if you can, it might transition you from the bottle to the breast because it'll have that same feel as a bottle nipple. If the issue is flow preference you might try using a supplementer or getting a syringe from an LC (at your delivery hospital? Mine still gives me supplies) to simulate the fast flow you're getting from a bottle.

    Or is baby not latching on at all? In that case, I recommend reading some of the ideas in the Relactation Forum. I have a 5-month old that I'm trying to establish a breastfeeding relationship with. I've been EP-ing since she was 4 days old after HORRIBLE lactation consulting.

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