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Thread: Not understanding peoples problem with breastfeeding toddler

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    Also, thought I'd note that I never intended on nursing my son until he was 22 months old. I can understand the perspective that nursing an over 1 year old is strange. I was not nursed at all myself, but am super glad I got connected with the LLL. I would have regretted weaning early. Even though I was one of only a very small handful of my mother-friends who nursed past 1 year, I know I'll continue to nurse all my babies until they are ready to wean. It's such a comfort!

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    I have a 3 yr old son. Like most of the women here, I never thought I would be breastfeeding him until this age. I had initially planned on weaning him at 12 months then at 24 months and so on. I thought it would be easy since both my sisters had weaned their kids at 6 months. I was proven wrong, weaning is so difficult that I haven't had the heart to refuse my son, I see that it gives him great comfort when he's about to sleep and during moments when he's hurt or sad. I think it's one of the most natural and wonderful things in the world, to be able to provide that for my son. I am very lucky that my family is very supportive about my extended breastfeeding with the exception of my sister. She has been asking my mother (who by the way openly talks about my son's breastfeeding habit with almost everyone). She always mentions that he's to old and that I should stop because there are no benefits from continuing. Although I am hesitant to prematurely wean my son I also am not very open about breastfeeding because I feel that society has a stigma for it. I remember seeing a woman nursing her 5 year old before I had my son and remembered that I had formed an unfavorable impression of her just because her son was already walking with a full set of teeth but had still needed to nurse. I am hesitant to open up to anybody else for fear that they might judge me or my son as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*artistmomma View Post
    Poor you! I can totally relate. My MIL kept calling me making suggestions on how to wean, other in-laws would make comments about how nursing a 2 year old is "Disgusting". Sigh... she has strong opinions on many of the attachment parenting methods I use, many until she sees a special on attachment parenting on TV, then changes her mind. It is so hard not to have your families support, but the best part about being your toddler's mom is that you get to make all the choices. And, I believe you are doing the right thing. Breast milk changes it's composition as your child ages, making it the perfect milk for your child at any age - ultimately the most complete and perfect food you can feed your baby. Cow's milk is made especially for baby cows (calves), isn't really designed for human consumption (although, i will admit that cow's milk makes some pretty darn good cheese)...

    I became pregnant 8 weeks ago with my second child, and with no signs of weaning, my son weaned himself a few weeks ago. It was perfect, mutual and so much easier than I could have ever dreamed. There were hardly any tears, it was gradual enough to not make me engorged, and there was no emotional trauma. My DS was 22 months old.

    You know what? I haven't told my MIL that I've weaned him... it's none of her darn business, having not been supportive of so many of my choices during this long 2 years of learning how to parent. And, I'm perfectly fine to let her worry about how I'm going to tandem nurse (which I think is a wonderful thing, and would have done had my DS not weaned)... sigh... life is so funny.

    Hang on there! Do what's right for the both of you. When you nurse, if you're not feeling resentful, if it's a beautiful relationship that connects and bonds the two of you, don't stop. Why stop something that is so natural, wonderful and loving?
    Hi Artistmomma,

    I'm just wondering how your DS weaned on his own. I am hoping my son will do so as well but am not in a rush ( even though he is already 37 months).
    Congratulations on your coming baby.

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