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Thread: Time change effecting your pumping output?

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    Default Time change effecting your pumping output?

    Has anyone noticed the time change effecting their pumping output a little?
    I usually pump 4 to 5 ounces in my morning break pumping session at work.

    Monday I pumped 3.

    I usally pump 3 - 4 ounces in my afternoon break.

    Monday I pumped 2.


    My LO is definantly off schedule. She was sleeping away this morning when I left for work when she is normally having a feeding.

    <Abigail 9/6/10>

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    Default Re: Time change effecting your pumping output?

    Interesting! I suppose it's possible the time change could have an effect... It certainly can be hard for many of us to adjust to it physically, so that in itself might affect milk levels. And then you're pumping at a different time of day, and hormone levels fluctuate...

    Your body will adjust to the new schedule, of course, but I bet it could take a week or two.

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