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    I am a first time mom an 8 week old. I recently realized I have an overactive letdown with over supply. I have been feeding from one side only at each feeding, and pumping from only one side every 3 hours while i'm at work for almost a week now. My letdown does appear to be less forcefull and i find I only have to express prior to the night time feeding and the first morning feeding. The amount i am pumping off at work has also decreased. How do I know I have corrected the over supply issue? Should i feel fullness in my breasts at all? When it is corrected to do i continue to only pump from one side while at work?

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    it's normal for the full feeling to go away regardless...
    i'd judge based on your LO reaction-if the baby is handling your letdown without sputtering and choking, it's good enough
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    with the PP. Just watch your pumping output carefully. It's possible to go too far with block feeding/block pumping, and have your supply decrease too much. As long as your pump output is matching your baby's daily intake, you're probably fine.

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    I'd consider cutting out a pumping session and pumping both together. Your boobs will think it's the same number of "feedings", and you'll save time. You can then add that session back if your supply dips too far.
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