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    Re: Intra Ductal Papilloma

    thanks for sharing your story :)
    i can imagine how hard it was to have a surgery while ebf a 4 month old! and you had to relactate on one side furthermore..wow! but how was the recovery, was it...
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    Re: Intra Ductal Papilloma

    i just came back from doc's appointment yesterday. Saw two doctors actually but i was not satisfied with the first so i went to this doc who did tumor surgery for my aunt.
    had a great consultation...
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    Intra Ductal Papilloma

    Hi all, it's me again.. following my question earlier on bloody milk and painful breast, I decided to see my ob-gyn because the pain was getting worse. He scheduled me for an ultrasound scan today....
  4. Re: mercury amalgams and breastmilk

    i have 4 amalgam fillings! and i had one that was accidentally pulled out when i was pregnant. i was so worried about the mercury leach and i consulted my ob-gyn and my GP friend. both recommended i...
  5. Re: blood in expressed breast milk?

    i feel so much better now :) yes, pumping more often actually helps a lot. thank you for the ideas! now i know i shouldn't worry too much ;)
  6. Re: Clogged Duct! Tried Everything!

    this is what i do when i have clogged ducts:
    Prepare a handy empty bottle, usually about a size of cough syrup, fill it with hot water, make sure it is hot enough for you to handle. Roll the bottle...
  7. Re: blood in expressed breast milk?

    thanks again for the ideas!

    well,i have been expressing every 2-3 hours until my baby started solids, then i dragged the frequency to 4 hours and now 5-6 hours..honestly sometimes i feel really...
  8. Re: blood in expressed breast milk?

    thanks a lot for the explanation.. it's such a relief to me :) i am kinda worried if it's mild mastitis.

    actually i express manually by hand. The first 3 months i used electric pumps and i had...
  9. blood in expressed breast milk?

    hi all, this is my 1st post here. I had a kinda strange situation so i was wondering if anyone here had similar experience.

    for the last two months, on the 1st day of period, i noticed there was a...
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