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    Re: When Did Your Child Self Wean?

    4.5 years old.
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    Re: Help with last steps in weaning

    DJ had a think three sessions after we weaned. I cherished every one.
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    Re: Help with last steps in weaning

    Gradually. Don't give him the choice to nurse every night. Pick something else fun to do. And say on these days we are going to play hide and seek before bed INSTEAD of nursing. Like twice a week. SO...
  4. Re: Can I wash pump parts with cold water?

    Warm water will soften and dilute caked milk. But my point is that you don't need to ever wash your pump when away from home. The pump can go in the fridge just like the bottles themselves and that...
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    Re: Baby cries for table food!

    You are projecting. A child that is three months old is not MISSING food. They have no idea what it is. That's all you. You baby thinks food comes from YOU. And will continue to think that for...
  6. Re: Can I wash pump parts with cold water?

    When you don't have access to warm soapy water don't wash them. At work? Just leave the whole thing in the fridge. You only need to wash it at home. And even that is only every couple of days or so.
  7. Re: Co-sleeping - late bedtime issues and frequent waking

    I didn't read all the responses but it's an actual thing. Called wakeful 4 month olds. Because it's when someone turns on the world. Here is more info about it....
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    Re: dayquil and breastfeeding

    Less likely but there is still a risk. I don't know that I would chance it one month in. The stuff in dayquil is meant to dry you up.
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    Re: assumption

    I think you are ignoring what is being said here. Which is that you don't need to. Increase what you are pumping. How much of a freezer stash do you have now? And when are you going back for your 1st...
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    Re: self-weaning

    3-5 times a day by 14 months. 1-2 times a day not until after 3 years of age.
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    Re: self-weaning

    I night weaned at 3.9year old. Because I was trying to wean by 4. He started STTN in a separate space from me. He didn't actually completely wean until 4.5 years old. And it was VERY gradual. Like we...
  12. Re: Social class, breastfeeding and life chances

    Did you really post all that other stuff so you could lecture about tone here? The one safe place in almost the entire world where breastfeeding and it's importance are not easily dismissed? The one...
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    Re: Feeling alone

    I think there is a fine line. I fed my baby anywhere at 10 months. But at about18 months I became more self conscious about it. Because I didn't want to scare mothers of noobs. Because to someone...
  14. Re: Needing some advice with my EX and extended BF

    In terms of dealing with an actual ex? You don't have to defend it. Or even discuss it. Since it's not actually impeding his ability to take his child on overnights, there is NOTHING to even discuss....
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    Re: I think my pedi is wrong

    She is NOT allergic to your breastmilk. She MAY be allergic to something you are eating. Was the stool black because of blood?
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    Re: Mary Ann Cahill, LLL Founder

    I am sorry to hear that Karen.
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    Re: Cute Nursing necklace

    I bought mine from a website called Mommy & Me necklaces. The link is mommynecklaces.com on the web. I really liked her sight set up. She has pictures with names so you can just pick and order and if...
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    Re: 2 days old, how often to feed?

    Has he been sleeping? Is that why he hasn't been eating? Otherwise yeah that's too long. Sometimes a stretch like this will happen and it means that the other half of the 24hour period you will need...
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    Re: Thoughts on breastfeeding

    You are right. That's what it is. And as someone who was very very sexual before I too felt like an Alien when at 6 months PPD my vagina wasn't wet when I was making out with my DH. Since me being...
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    Re: How many feeds per day?

    8-12 times in a 24hour period. If your baby eat while asleep it can usually all be done during those times at this age. How many naps a day does your baby take?
  21. Re: Pumping output has majorly decreased- working mom

    There may be some truth to that. But at this point, the baby should still be getting the majority of her nutrition from breast milk or solids. So I guess the place to start is how much were you...
  22. Re: Pumping output has majorly decreased- working mom

    This is not usually ever recommended before the year point. Because as you are experiencing, before the year point your supply is still volatile. "Pump slumps" between 9& 10 months are actually very...
  23. Re: Emotionally difficult time pump weaning

    Well if it helps, I was home with my son for 14months. And then I went back to work full time. And never pumped at all. We just nursed on demand when together. And I started to NUDGE him towards...
  24. Re: Emotionally difficult time pump weaning

    So I think that at 23 months you should be fine. It sounds like technically your breasts were only holding an oz for you during the day anyway so it's NOT like it's huge production loss. In terms of...
  25. Re: Can't keep up...and want to get away from pumping.

    Have you tried lecithin for your plugs?
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