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    Re: I feel like a failure

    Lizzzard, I hit that bump at about 8 or 9 weeks too, after a while you get into a routine and it's manageable. Once they sleep longer at night it helps too, I'd still be going if I hadn't lost my...
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    I feel like a failure

    My goal when I started EPing was to make it to 6 weeks, now almost 6 months later I more than reached my goal. So why is it that I feel like a failure for stopping now?

    I lost my milk about 3...
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    Sudden drop in supply...

    Ok I'm an EPer and so I figured this would be the best place to post this thread. I pump between 8 and 10 times a day, and none overnight. My DD will eat at about 1030p and go to bed waking at 7ish...
  4. Re: is this considered a "hospital grade" pump?

    It's not hospital grade but it's a good one too. hopsital grades are usually rented from supply stores...I have a Medela Lactina, and there;s a new one called the Symphony.
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    Re: BF only wait on baby food?

    My boys were both semi ready for solids when I gave them to them....they have to be able to sit up and not have that thrusting reflex with their tounges anymore before they're ready. I'm waiting...
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    Re: websites for making baby food?

    I don't really know of any websites but I can tell you some of the benifits...

    First you are the only one who is putting whatever into your childs food. Second, even with the organic or natural...
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    Re: The scoop

    Yes 30ML is 1 ounce.

    Having two formula fed babies previously I can help a little here. A 9 to 12 month old baby would eat anywhere from 4 to 6 times a day. If they are eating 6 times then they...
  8. Re: Extended family against extended nursing

    I can't offer much advice on this subject, since my LO is 6 months old. I EP and have gotten a lot of "advice" to just put her on formula and not put myself through the schedule of pumping and...
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    Re: Pumping Questions

    My DD never latches right so we (after many tears and help from an LC) switched to exclusivly pumping....I've got this down to a science. LOL

    1) How often can/should one pump? It depends on...
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    Re: need help

    Can I still feed on that breast? (I so hope you don't say not to).


    You can still feed on that side, just try making sure the latch is right, and remember to switch sides each time...
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    Re: need help

    Ok first take a deep breath and try to calm down some. It'll all be ok.

    4 days is still really early into things and your body will take some time to adjust. The things you're describing seem...
  12. Re: 6 month old - wanting to relactate first time mommy

    CONGRATS!! You're doing an amazing thing. I've had to EP for my LO. She had a terrible latch and even with lots of LC help we didn't really get it right. I love that I still get her my milk but...
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    Re: 75 bags of milk gone!

    I had that happen about a month ago and it was devistating. We had about a weeks worth of EBM stashed in there in case of an emergency and half of it was ruined when our fridge died on us. The...
  14. Re: Need advice about toxic fumes exposure!

    I think you should be fine, as far as I know once things like that go through your system they should be out of your milk supply as well. Plus if it was only 30 seconds it shouldn't be a problem. I...
  15. Re: BAD diaper rash...diarea...on antibiotics...concerned?

    If it IS a yeast infection, Monistat cream should clear it right up. But first try this recipe and if it doesn't make a dent and you can't get into the MD in the morning try to monistat.

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    Re: Stomach bug?

    We've had a really nasty stomach bug going around here too, my huband and youngest son both had it. Poor Jacob's heiny was so sore he'd cry at each diaper change. Fortunatly I didn't catch it but...
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    Re: How much to feed of EBM?

    My LO is 9 weeks old and weighs about the same as your LO. I EP so she only gets bottles of EBM, she takes about 4 ounces at each feeding, sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more and she...
  18. Re: For those exclusive pumpers...

    I've been an exclusive pumper for almost 8 weeks total and DD is 9 weeks old today. It really depends on how old your child is and how long you've been EPing on when you can drop pumping sessions. ...
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    Re: Is this pumping schedule okay?!

    I don't know about the premie problems since fortunatly I didn't have them. I am an exclusive pumper however since we had so much trouble with getting her to the breast. My schedule to start with...
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    Re: Storing warm with cold milk

    I did the same thing and my DD is just fine, I also was shaking milk to make sure it was warmed evenly....oooppppssss. She's happy and healthy so it's ok. I just keep the milk that I pump in the...
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    Exhaustion is setting in...

    I'm an EPer so if this has to be moved then that's fine. I'm just so tired of pumping all the time. I feel like I'm not getting to enjoy the baby at all because I spend so much time pumping and...
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    Re: Flecks in BM

    Thanks for the advice, I won't toss anymore out. I did have a few of the pumped bags (Lansinoh storage bags) go bad and we tossed those but they were about 4 days old and when we warmed them they...
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    Re: Dairy?

    My oldest did great with milk and all dairy in general, my middle son canhandle cheese, yogurt and things like that but whole milk makes his tummy really upset. Try lactose free milk or even soy...
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    Re: When is enough, enough?

    Instead of cheerios try giving her rice puffs, they're better for her plus if she drops a few and you step on them they just squish and don't crumble into a million little pieces, they're also less...
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    Re: exclusive pumpers...

    she's in a basinette right next to our bed, soon it'll be a crib
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