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  1. Re: Should I be concerned? *tmi poop pic*

    By the way, people are quick to say that green mucousy poop means a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. It doesn't have to be. My sister has twins for whom she exclusively pumped for over a year and her...
  2. Re: Should I be concerned? *tmi poop pic*

    My baby had those green diapers for many weeks, if not months. He has no allergies that I know of and is perfectly fine. Doctor said to ignore it so I did. He is fine. It stopped when my milk supply...
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    Re: Pumping and getting more

    The amount you pump has nothing to do with how much milk you actually have in you. Did you just start to pump and get a tsp? Or are you trying for a few days already? Because it's normal to yield...
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    Re: Whoohoo!!! We succeed, 1 yr.

    Weird question but does anyone mind the way their body's changed since nursing? I feel bad I can't wear all my nice dresses I own because my bust size grew dramatically. I know it goes down once you...
  5. Re: Hugs please-Tapering off domperidone at 3.25

    I don't know if this is applicable, but is the minipill an option for you? In our faith, most BC options are frowned up on but for nursing mothers, the minipill is almost never a problem.
  6. Re: Returning to work - Breastfeeding and Pumping

    Your pumping schedule sounds good to me. Even if your daughter is sleeping when you leave at 5:30, you can always pick her up to nurse her with a dreamfeed. Have you ever tried that? No waking...
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    Re: Front Teeth and Latch

    I found that whenever my son got a new tooth, my nipples felt sore for a few days. Nothing too bad, though.
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    Re: posterior tongue tie

    Agree with PP but also remember that your baby is using muscles he never had to before the release so they're not so "fit" and tire easily. My baby showed no improvement for a few days after having...
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    Re: Another dropped feeding?

    At that age, 3-4 feedings is fine. You can also give cow's milk at that point.
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    Re: No letdown

    I get a major letdown issue during ovulation time. It can last 5 days. Sometimes I'll get no letdown but other times it can take like 5 minutes to come or even longer. Since I know it's hormonally...
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    Re: Whoohoo!!! We succeed, 1 yr.

    Congratulations on making it this far! My baby also recently turned one and I felt so proud at where we were because we crossed many a hurdle when it came to breastfeeding. But it's such a different...
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    Re: Biological nuturing ?

    I use a bunched up sweater in public, or I sit cross-legged. I anyway nurse either cross-legged (if in bed) or sitting with a pillow on my lap.
  13. Re: Pumping MUCH more from one side?

    It's normal to have that sometimes! Milk isn't produced in factory settings in precise, computerized quantities. Also a pump doesn't empty the breast like a baby does.

    Any reason you dropped a...
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    Re: defrosted milk: can refreeze?

    It also depends where you thawed it. I sometimes would thaw a pack in the fridge and then use the rest a little longer than 24 hours later. I knew that it never actually got heated up so it should...
  15. Re: Do I still have hope? (wish I had known this forum earli

    I also suggest checking out for a posterior tongue tie. My baby had that and nobody saw it from the outside. Only an IBCLC was able to feel it with her finger, and later an ENT diagnosed it and dealt...
  16. Re: Help: 3year old sleeping on breast

    Whatever works for you is normal for you! Don't worry what is normal for other moms. Things are only an issue if they are in issue for you or your baby. If you're fine with this arrangement, go with...
  17. Re: 3.5 month exclusively breastfed infant refuses bottle

    My baby took a bottle just fine when he was younger than 2 weeks (I tried it out once or twice just to see how it went) but after that, disaster! I was really nervous about sending him to the...
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    Re: Drop in Supply

    I also found that nursing more was much more effective than pumping more. I find it much easier to nurse than pump anyway, like most people probably do! Also, you can manually express some more after...
  19. Re: odd things we were told by the hospital

    I used the Johnson's head to toe wash that the hospital sent home with me. Used it diluted from the first time I bathed my baby. It was fine. He had no adverse reactions to it and he smelled...
  20. Re: Advice on how to get baby to nurse more

    At this time weight gain can slow down if your baby is moving around a lot (they're burning more calories crawling than sitting around looking cute in a swing).

    I find that the best way to stuff...
  21. Re: Is it possible to increase milk supply for a 5-mo old ba

    Supply can definitely be boosted with more nursing. My baby is over a year old but each time he is teething he nurses for much longer than usual (because sucking is comforting to his gums) and...
  22. Re: Tender & low-supply breast--mastitis?

    I agree with PP. Also, not all types of mastitis comes with a blocked duct or lump.
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    Re: positioning and body mechanics

    I was shown by my IBCLC who came down to my house how to do side lying nursing so I know I was doing it correctly, but still it just wasn't so comfortable. Maybe also because I have large boobs so...
  24. Re: Thoughts on Starting Work, Coordinating Child-Care, Etc

    Some offices have on site daycare. I wish our place had that. Then I wouldn't have to pump - I could just nurse my baby when needed. Also keep in mind that at 18 months, your baby might not be...
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    Re: not eatting much in the morning

    My baby barely ever ate "breakfast" feeding normally until he was about 5 months or so. I was shocked that he could go so long (in the olden days he took long stretches at night) and then wake up and...
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