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  1. Re: can extended bfing cause an overite/buck teeth?

    Nursing is good for their teeth and jaws, not bad. The more they nurse, the less likely they are to have malocclusions (crooked teeth.) It's bottles and pacifiers you have to worry about.
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    Re: 2 Years with my nursling today!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! :clap :clap :clap :clap

    What a fabulous thing you've done for your daughter. :ita

    And she is gorgeous btw!!!

  3. Re: Help! Latching problems, thrush nipples, etc. About to give up...


    So sorry to hear about all your problems! You must feel so frustrated.

    It will get better! The first weeks are rough, but if you just hang in there, and give your son a chance to...
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    Re: Second and third let-downs??

    I have a few different thoughts on this.

    First off, this is going to sound fruity :p but there's a physiological basis for it, so hear me out. Try visualizing, thinking about, imagining, etc....
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    Re: Stomach flu & breastfeeding

    So sorry to hear your son has been sick! :hug

    Good!! I can't believe the doctor told you to stop nursing him and give Pedialyte instead, that is such a bad idea! :yikes I can't believe...
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    Re: Am I a bad mommy?

    Oh no, that's perfectly okay! :)
  7. Re: Ok Its not just what I ate... now what??

    Oh no, I'm sorry to hear your baby is sick!! :hug You're sure it's not a lot of spit-up, right?

    I'd call the doctor for vomiting, you definitely want to have that checked out. But in the...
  8. Re: Water in addition to breastfeeding

    Babies under 6 months of age should get breastmilk only according to the World Health Organization. :)

    Waiting until baby is 4-6 weeks old to introduce a bottle (of pumped or hand-expressed milk)...
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    Re: Is this right???

    You can always try the gradual approach too, maybe you'd be more comfortable with that. :hug :hug :hug
  10. Re: Where do I go for pumping help?

    I remember your posts a few weeks ago, I'm sorry about all your troubles. :hug

    I agree with the pp's, if there's any way to keep a nursing session or two that would be a great idea and may...
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    Re: Is this right???

    I agree with this advice, but definitely agree that you need to count diapers. You can think of this as the "ripping the BandAid off" method. You'll likely have to nurse a lot more than you're used...
  12. Re: Foremilk/Hindmilk imbalance vs. poor supply--feeling guilty about giving formula


    You came to the right place. :hug

    Okay so the block feeding changed her poop color. Did it seem to do anything else? :)
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    Re: Lazy boob?

    The majority of women have one breast that produces more than the other. If the size difference really bothers you, you can try favoring the "lazy" side for a while to see if it helps. Way back...
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    Re: Very concerned, please help

    If she is growing well, making plenty of wet diapers, not acting sick or uncomfortable, and your doctor said not to worry, then I wouldn't worry! :hug :gvibes
  15. Re: Shaving cream is in what food group?

    I was an Elmer's Glue and Milk Bone eater. :lol
  16. Re: Think I've done some serious damage?

    I think it was worth a shot. :shrug :hug There's certainly no reason for her to be offended!! Sounds like the problems are deeper than just an issue with your nursing. :hug
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    Re: Now... don't hate on me.... but

    YAY!!!!! :clap :clap :clap :clap
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    Re: late start nursing


    I'm glad your friend decided to nurse. :clap Any amount of breastmilk is better than none.

    Although everything might fine now, 95% of babies who are introduced to the bottle...
  19. Re: Well, I was only over here for 19 days=(


    :hug :hug
  20. Re: Really need advice for my sister!!

    There are preemie-size nipple shields (made by medela) if she's already going that route. :) Is there any hope of convincing her to try using an SNS? :shrug

    Congrats on your new niece!!!!! ...
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    Re: breast pump

    I have a medela single electric and it worked fine for me. I've used it only occasionally though; it's not the kind of thing you'd want if you were pumping a whole lot like at work or something. ...
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    Re: Tongue-tie with no problems??

    It could be tongue-tie, although I'm not sure why it would hurt more on one side than the other. I'm really glad you're seeing an LC tomorrow! So sorry you're in pain, that is terrible. :hug I...
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    Re: Gave UP BF

    Totally dead on, yes. :ita

    Yes. I would never fault someone for trying hard and not being able to manage (for lack of support, info, whatever.) But you know what drives me up the wall is...
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    Ha ha.

    I've been meaning to post about this. :p Monday through Friday my mother watches Lilah for 2 hours in the morning while I go to the gym (I'm very lucky to have such great help. :D ) This has been...
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    Re: I can believe it!

    Sounds like you're doing great!! :D Congrats on nearly making it to the big 12 month mark, how exciting! :clap

    I had the exact same question a while back; how to keep from weaning them...
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