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  1. Re: Please help!!! Ouch newborn bitng terrible pain

    Nipples are flat before feeding and it gets enlarged once i start feeding, i feel strong pain in my left nipples.
    S ihave cracks after feeding.
    its itching and burnin even after feeding.
    its not...
  2. Please help!!! Ouch newborn bitng terrible pain

    Hi there,

    I though i have cracked nipples, but i checked with my ob its normal. My LO born one month before. I want to really breastfeed him for atleast for more than 1 year. But i am facing some...
  3. Nipples paining while breastfeeding, pls suggest some advice


    My baby was born this month, i am breastfeeding him, but before each feeding session i am very much panic of the pain in my nipples and breast. I cant able to explain how much irritating it...
  4. Breastfeeding my newborn, due on march12

    Hi there,

    I have a question here regarding breastfeeding my baby, baby is on due this March 12th 2012. This is my second baby, i was struggled a lot to feed my first one, no milk supply for me, so...
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