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  1. lansinoh DE verses Ameda Purely Yours

    I've read that the Ameda Purely Yours and the Lansinoh Double Electric are virtually the same pump. But the LDE doesn't come with a bag and freezer packs. But, some reviews said they had trouble...
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    Re: What pump to buy?

    hmmm, i'm trying to research online to find out people's reviews about different pumps. some have mentioned the hands free option of the freestyle isn't that easy to use.....

    What about the...
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    What pump to buy?

    Ok, it looks like I'm going to have to pump at least twice a day to keep up my supply for LO. I know this sounds backwards, but here's the deal. Since birth, my LO has had a hard time with...
  4. Re: how much "fat" or hindmilk are you getting?

    I can't be much help since I'm still trying to get this figured out too. but, I have read (not sure if this actually works or not) that taking a fish oil supplement may help. Basically, I guess...
  5. Re: how much "fat" or hindmilk are you getting?

    the thing is, i've pumped at all different times of the day/night, and still the most fat I've ever seen, was the 1/8th of an inch.....
  6. Re: how much "fat" or hindmilk are you getting?

    Yes, he's been showing signs of a F/H imbalance. He is always very gassy, seems to not get satisfied, and wants to eat all the time (NOT a growth spurt, since it's been going on for over 10 weeks...
  7. how much "fat" or hindmilk are you getting?

    when i pump and put the bottle in the fridge, in the medela 5oz breastmilk bottles, i only ever either get just a skim layer of "fat" or cream on top. At best, I've only ever had about an 1/8 of an...
  8. Re: LOTS of Problems - Need Serious Help

    oh, PS - he hasn't had any formula for at least 2-3 weeks now, only breastmilk.
  9. LOTS of Problems - Need Serious Help

    Baby is 11 weeks old. Born 3 weeks early. Started having difficulty BFing, he had a weak suck, and was soooo sleepy. LC had me use a nipple shield at first, said I had flat nipples. I hated it,...
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